We all know the importance of hard work, but sometimes we get so caught up in the work that we forget to take a step back on occasion and appreciate what all that work has accomplished. Bright Futures wants to take a moment to not only thank each one of our affiliates for the efforts made daily, but also give special recognition to a few who go above and beyond in their work with these awards: 

Affiliate of the Year:

This is our most prestigious award. Bright Futures cannot work without connections, and this award is given to the affiliate community who sets an example of what it means to truly come together for a common purpose. It’s about utilizing the help of not only adults, but also encouraging the youth in the community to actively participate and hone their leadership skills. It’s also about getting the word out and letting people in the community know exactly what Bright Futures is doing, not only to ensure that every student has their basic needs met, but also that they are building lasting relationships within their community, because they know that that firm foundation is imperative when it comes to meeting those basic needs in a timely manner.

Spotlight Award:

This award goes to the affiliate community who knows how to spread the word. They understand the mission of Bright Futures and are excited to share it. Not only does this build a firm foundation within their own community, but it also helps other Bright Future affiliate communities learn how to effectively communicate and use marketing strategies to be successful.

Community Champion Award:

We all know the importance of teamwork. However, a team needs leadership in order to come together for the greater good. This award goes to a community member who has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort in the development and growth of Bright Futures in the community. They truly serve as a role model and an inspiration. They are the champions that every child deserves.

Evan Yoder Spirit of Service Award:

This award is incredibly special because of the young man it is named after. Evan Yoder spent his life in service to others, beginning when he was a small child, and only ending when his life was tragically cut short by cancer. The person receiving this award demonstrates a spirit of selfless commitment to serving youth and education at a local level, with the understanding that generous actions bring as much of a blessing to them as they do to those who are being helped.
Like Evan, the recipient of this award truly has the heart of a servant.

Corporate Partner of the Year Award:

This award goes to the business that truly understands the value of focusing on more than making money. They go above and beyond simply making monetary donations by consistently committing time and talent to supporting the work of Bright Futures and encouraging their employees to take part as well. The leadership of the organization is a community champion for youth.

Mary Strack, Human and Public Service Partner of the Year Award:

Human and Public Service are inherently about helping others, and this is something that Mary Strack not only devoted her life to, but she delighted in. This award goes to a Bright Futures partner who takes that service to the next level by committing their time, talent, and treasure to supporting their local youth and education. They do it not out of obligation, but like Mary Strack, they delight in serving others. This organization truly makes it their mission to be a champion for youth.