Tried and True Programs



#My42 is a commitment to give “42” each month to Bright Futures Harrisonville. It can be 42 minutes, items, dollars, etc. Just make the pledge and give 4 our Children, 2 ensure Bright Futures

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Back-to-School Event

A back-to-school event is an excellent opportunity to bring school families and community businesses, churches, and leaders together in a playful, relaxing environment.

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Stuff the Bus

Simply park a school bus, and let people and organizations in the community donate and fill the bus with school supplies.

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Halfway There Program

One of the reasons Bright Futures was founded was to improve graduation rates.

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Mentor Program

We believe that every student needs an adult to be their champion, one who invests in them, cares about them, and supports them to be successful now and in the future.

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