Become an Affiliate Community


At Bright Futures we not only tailor a plan to fit the specific needs of each community, we train you to run the program yourselves, and give you the connection to other affiliate communities so you can help each other.

Getting Started:


Introduce the Bright Futures Framework to your community. Our team can do this in person or virtually.  We encourage you to invite local stakeholders (schools, faith-based, human service agencies,and business/industry partners) to this introductory meeting, so they can be properly informed of how the program works right out of the gate.


Once everyone is introduced to the program, we will talk about how you and your stakeholder groups can move forward with the implementation of the Bright Futures Framework in your community. Remember that we will be there to share the many benefits of being an affiliate community.


Our team will be there to help you identify and recruit your Advisory Board members. Then when your team is created, we will help you plan your Advisory Board Training.


Hold a training session for your Advisory Board. Our team will provide an in-person, 6-hour advisory board training session to educate your new Advisory Board, answer questions, and develop a plan to move your local efforts to support children and youth forward.


Hold a Bright Futures kickoff event in your community. This is a wonderful way to educate and engage your community and build momentum for the implementation of your community’s plan to support children and youth. It’s also a lot of fun.